Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mystery Crusaders: Resurgence of the Templars Collector's Edition Full - Hidden Object Game

The Blue Veil, a priceless ancient relic, has been missing for centuries, but your partner Jason has just found a lead on it. That is, until a criminal organization shoots him down! Now it’s up to you to finish the case and track down the ancient treasure of the Templars. But be careful, the Shadows organization is right behind you, waiting for you to make a mistake. Who can you trust? You’ll need all your wits to decipher the clues and assemble the Sapphire Codex. The race is on for the legendary treasure in this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
  • Discover even more hidden treasures in the bonus adventure!
  • Comes with the Strategy Guide!
  • Exclusive Concept Art Gallery!
  • Wallpapers, Movies, and more!


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